david chatt’s temporary installation of sand cast glass in dunn gardens, seattle, wa, 2006





FACT OF THE DAY:  sailors call the right side of the boat the starboard because stars only appear on the right side of the sky.  always. 

You sure about that?



Marchesa Ready to Wear F/W 2012.



if I was a flower, I would want to be like these two flowers I saw yesterday ; - ;

the first thing i do in the morning is wake up and have coffee! x


it’s not that i’m not a “morning person” i love mornings

i’m just not a “waking up person”

Reblog if you have made a friend online that you would love to hang with, but they live far away.

[…] Hitchcock told Edith [Head] that Grace’s outfits had to advance the conflict in the story and still, as the designer recalled, “make her look like a piece of Dresden china, something slightly untouchable.” -  Donald Spoto, High Society: The Life of Grace Kelly